99Santa I ordered a dash cam for my nephew. With mail it was $34.95 US ,I live in Canada, I did the ordering November 26th. I received an e-mail November 30th that the item had been shipped. They sat 5 business days. It’s now November 15th, and still nothing. I have put a stop payment. Wasn’t even sure if this company is legit or not. I got the same response, as some of the other reviewersrs. Sent a tracking number, which ends up trying to remove my google search engine. Internet!!. Ordered a dash camera November 26th from this on line company called 99 Santa. The ad says allow 5 business days for shipping. Well it’s now December 15th, and still no product. I got to this site by googling this company, and I can see there ahave been others in the same position. The tracking number takes you to a download, which then tries to change your search engine. I just put a stop payment on it. IAs usually goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. That holds true with 99 Santa Larry Vancouver BC

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