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July 2009 I bought a pair of iHome Sound iHM77B computer speakers in 47 Exchange – Fontana Gallery at 5th Avenue in New Yourk. I paid 199 dollars plus taxes. nToo late I thought to myself that it seemed to be very expensive. Thus, I went to a store across the street (Best Buy) to check up on the price. It turned out that I could buy a newer model of the speakers (iHM77BC) for 49 dollars plus taxes in there. nOf course I went back to 47 Exchange Fontana Gallery to claim my money back. I brought with me the receipt and the unused computer speakers. Inwent to the salesman, who sold me the speakers just 15 minutes ago. He would not talk to me at all, so I had to speak to the manager. nI explained the situation to him: That his business had sold me an old version of computer speakers I could buy in the store across the street for 1/4 the price. nThe manager would not event think about refunding my money, but offered me a second pair of speakers instead (still a very bad deal). He told me that he had the rights to sell at any price and the rights not to refund even though I brought the receipt and the unused product. nHe told me that he paid a salesman 120 dollars for the product 14 days ago. However, he could not show me any documentation to back up his story. nI can only conclude that he is either a very poor business man or a liar. nI tried once again to explain to him that he could buy a newer version of the speakers across the street for 50 dollars and he should look it up on the internet. He replied that he did have internet and that he did not believe in the internet. Also, he said that Best Buy was lying about the price… nThus, I had to leave the store, since the manager did not respond to reason. nI want other consumers to know that this store will try scam you by telling you untrue stories about their product and sell them to you at a rip off price (I was told I got the newest and best product on the market). nAlso, local authorities should pay a visit to this store to check up on the products. As I was standing in the store arguing, a man came in with mixed products in a black bag. They looked like they had been used before and they could be stolen goods. nAnonymous consumernNuukGreenland

570 5th Ave. New York, New York U.S.A.

212-840 2199

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